Base Rates and Exceptions (pay rates)

The Base Rate is the default pay rate for every employee in Shift Agent.  The base rate is used unless you provide an exception that would apply in a given situation. Exceptions are either: Training Rates:  Rates used when the Training flag is applied to a position for a specific employee.  When the training flag […]

Company Profile

The Company Profile is the place where global settings are held. Access these settings by clicking on the name of your company in the uppermost-left corner of the app. Settings: OVERTIME Overtime threshold is the global setting Shift Agent uses to determine what overtime means as you are scheduling.  Default is 40 hours. Overtime Priority defaults to […]

Pay Rate Management

Pay Rate Management is both simple and versatile.  You can update many pay rates from one screen easily, as well as have very specific control of pay rates for each employee. Every employee has at least a Base Rate. You can schedule changes that take place immediately or in the future. You can have pay […]

Productivity Calculation

One of the most helpful metrics for gaining insight into the effect of scheduling on your business is the measurement of productivity. Productivity is Sales/Hours Scheduled. Shift Agent provides a productivity calculation within the Projections area. How to See Productivity In order to see the projection data, you need to: Input the Sales Projection for […]