Add Positions to an Employee

Adding positions to an employee is what allows you to have great flexibility when building a schedule.  Each employee can have any combination of positions. To add a position to an employee there are two different ways: 1.  From the employee’s profile:  Click the Manage Positions button.   2.  From the Setup Wizard (occurs when you […]

Adding Positions (managing positions)

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“Positions” is the term that Shift Agent uses to describe different roles at your company.  Some places may use the term “Job Code” or some other term. Positions are added to employee profiles so that when you build the schedule, Shift Agent knows who can work the shift. Positions are the foundation of your store […]


Departments are the major divisions of your store.  You start with one department called “Uncategorized.”  You will always have the uncategorized position, but you can create a new one called “Main” or whatever you want to call it that contains all of your positions. Departments are where you can have multiple areas of your store, […]

Pay Rates for Employees

Shift Agent allows you to set the Pay Rate for every employee to guide you with tracking your projected labor expenses.  Each position entry is tied to a pay rate. To set the pay rate for an employee Open an employee profile and click on the Manage Positions button. Type the desired pay rate for each […]

Positions (skill-sets)

Who is Qualified to Work a Shift You have a unique way of running your store, and we want to maximize your ability to schedule people well.  Positions are a key factor in setting up your store to have a great schedule. In Shift Agent, a position is a unique skill-set.  For example, let’s say […]

Positions – Updating Pay Rates for Employees

Another part of managing positions actually involves maintaining the employee information to make sure your labor budget is correct. You can set pay rates for each employee directly from their employee profile, or if you are working in one particular position, this can be a handy view to do a lot of updates in once […]

Reordering Positions on the Schedule Page

You may decide that you want the positions listed in a different order from top to bottom.  The way the positions are listed on the Manage Positions area is exactly how they are listed on the actual scheduling page. Here is how you can accomplish this: 1.  Go to the Organization Profile. (Click your store […]