Print View – Taking advantage of two views at once

Using the Print View while you are building the schedule can provide extra context and confidence that you are building the right schedule for the week. As you add shifts to the schedule with the scheduler, they will automatically show up on the Print View. Suggestions for how to use the Print View to your […]


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Intro to Publishing: Publishing the schedule is when the shifts you built on the calendar are now visible to employees.  When they login, they will see their schedule. Before you publish, the shifts on your calendar are just a rough draft.  They will stay saved in whatever state you leave them, even if you log […]

What happens when I publish a schedule?

When a manager publishes the employee schedule, the schedule goes LIVE and becomes available for people to see it. Only days that are published are actually available. All of the employees with a shift on the published schedule get a message within the app that their schedule has been published. Employees are responsible for the scheduled […]