How to Send Store News

Store News is useful for communicating with your team.  You can send store News from your computer or if you are logged into Shift Agent from your mobile device. Create a Store News Announcement: Click on Store News button in the main menu. Click the Create Announcement button. Select your Sending Mode – Email, both […]

Smart Notes – Introduction

Smart Notes™ allows your team to attach notes to almost anything and then serve those notes to the people who need to see them, when they need to see them.  You must have the PLUS Plan in order to access the Smart Notes™ feature. What Can I Do with Notes? SmartNotes is flexible, and you […]

SMS Tokens

The purchase of SMS tokens allows your Store News messages to be sent via Text, as well as in the classic Store News fashion.  When you create a Store News message, you have the option to not only have it be a message that shows when the employees open the app, but ALSO they will […]

Store News Announcements

Shift Agent provides you with a platform to communicate effectively with your team. About Store News As a manager or admin, you can create a store-wide or position-specific announcement. You can select who the message goes to and how they will receive the message. Learn how to create announcements from your mobile device or from your computer. […]

Store News from Mobile Device

You can send Store News from your Mobile device. To access: Click the menu button on the lower right corner of the app from your mobile device. Click Store News When sending the message, you will have the option to set the kind of message depending on the urgency. You can send email, text, or […]

Store News via Text

Shift Agent provides a Store News messaging platform that enables you to communicate with your team by Text and Email. There is a small fee associated with sending SMS Text messages. Email messages are always free. How it works You can create a Store News message and select any combination of team members to which the text […]

Team Directory

Shift Agent provides the Team Directory for all of your employees to be able to share their contact information. This is OPTIONAL for all employees, and at anytime, everyone can choose to display or not display their contact information with the rest of the team. The idea is to provide the right amount of communication and connection […]

Team Directory – Request Someone’s Contact

There is a button that a team member can use to “REQUEST” that someone on the team display their contact information in the team directory.  This can be used once, and that person will receive a text message with the option to type in a code that will automatically flip the switch for phone and […]

Team Directory – Share or Unshare My Contact

* By default Shift Agent does NOT share your contact information on the Team Directory. The team directory is a way for everyone who wants to share their contact information to be able to do so.  It is a community made out of your co-workers that you have the freedom to control whether or not […]