Adjust Templates to Match Benchmark Hours

Templates and Projections:  When you apply a template, you can see how many man-hours the template adds to the day.  You can also adjust the template to match your projections exactly, right before you use Smart Scheduling to fill in the shifts. Adjusting the Template: You can click any shift and tabs appear, making the […]

Edit a Shift (published)

Editing a published shift is the same process as editing an unpublished shift with one key difference. Once a shift has been published, it has been broadcasted to the person that their schedule is updated.  Because of this, they can see the shift on their schedule, and it can be assumed that this is when they are […]

Templates: How do I apply one?

Once you have built a template, you can apply it to any day that you want.  You can even add more than one template to a day.  (This might be useful if you have multiple departments and multiple people who publish the schedule.) Once you have built at least one template, use the following steps […]

Templates: How do I build one?

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This post is about how to build a template.  You can also edit an existing template and make changes. Access the Template Editing Area Templates are a way to take advantage of reoccurring patterns in your scheduling.  For example, if you have a “typical schedule” for a particular day of the week, you can build […]

Templates: How to Edit a Template

In order to edit a template, you click on the button that says “Manage Templates” from the scheduling page.  Editing templates is a part of the process of achieving lean labor as you find ways to trim labor and then save the edited templates to recreate savings. You will see a new window that looks like […]