Can a person with Position A (cook) trade for a shift with Position B (cashier)?

Question:  Can a person with Position A (cook) trade for a shift with Position B (cashier)? It depends.  The answer is yes, as long as both parties are qualified in the system as having both positions. For example, Mike and wants to trade with Bill. Mike is listed as a cashier and as a cook. […]

Cancel a Trade / Giveaway

Shift Agent gives you the option to cancel trades and giveaways up until the manager approves it. My manager already approved the trade If a manager has approved the trade, then it is too late to use Shift Agent to prevent the trade.  The change is now reflected in the actual store schedule, and you […]

Giving Away a Shift

When you giveaway a shift, you are essentially putting that shift up for grabs.  Giveaways are different from trades, in that they make a shift available to many people, and you don’t get another shift back in return.  Use this option to offload hours that you don’t want to work. When you click on a […]

How do I trade shifts with someone?

I need the day off but I’m already scheduled

So you need to make a request for a day off, but you’ve already been scheduled for that day.   Your opportunity to have the time off now requires that you trade your own shift.  After you successfully trade your shift, then you can request for the day off and your manager will receive the request […]

Request Management

As a manager, you have a Requests area in your menu, both on the mobile view as well as on the computer/tablet view.  Your response to these requests and affect changes to the schedule by inputting your decisions about trades and days off. Every trade has a status, and every day off has a status. […]

SMS Messaging for Trades and Giveaways

Shift Agent uses text (SMS) messages in a number of instances to communicate the most important information to each employee. Here are examples of what the system sends to employees in different cases. We strive to be clear, and to maintain the integrity of store authority within the messages. Types of messages 1. During trades […]

Status of Trades

A trade or a giveaway can have one of many different states.  Depending on where you are in the process, you could have any of the following statuses for your trade: No interest yet – You are still responsible for your original shift.  You may cancel the trade at this time. Accepted by a co-worker – You […]

Trade Shifts Easily

Automatically find the best trade! Shift Agent is designed to help you find someone to trade with, so that you don’t have to worry about it.  Read here for full instructions, or just use this for quick reference for using our system to trade. For Example:  Let’s say that you want to trade your Monday, […]