Blank Screen – Won’t Load

Blank Screen Occasionally, the Interwebs may decide to not play nice with your device. If you find yourself in a situation where the information won’t load, or the screen looks blank and you aren’t able to tap any buttons in the app, there is hope for you. The first line of defense when this happens is to […]

Having Issues? Try this FIRST (clear cache)

The first line of defense when Shift Agent is not loading something right, is to simply refresh your browser.  For example, if you add a day off to an employee, and then go back to the scheduler and you don’t see the day off reflected properly in Smart Scheduling, the chances are that you need […]

Mobile Login Troubleshooting

If you have trouble-logging in, you will most likely find a screen on your phone that looks like this: If so, simply follow the instructions which we will repost right here so that you can have it on a different screen while you set up your phone. Check whether the address bar (bar that says […]

Printing FAQs and troubleshooting (print view)

I want to print just one department’s schedule (print the Back of House but not the Front of House) Use the print view setting to select the department that you wish to view/print.  When you hit the print button, it will only print the department that you see.  Saves paper! The print view WAS showing […]

See the Calendar as a Whole Week

Being able to see a week as you build a schedule can be very helpful.  But, worrying about too many things at once can make the process overwhelming. Shift Agent provides a Print View that enables you to use the scheduler while you have a bird-eye view of a whole week. While you are using […]

Smart Scheduling – Got interrupted

Did you get interrupted in the middle of smart scheduling and now you need to get back to where you were in the scheduling process? Navigate to the day you were scheduling. You will see any of the shift you filled. You will NOT see the shifts you haven’t filled from the template.  You WILL see unassigned […]