Day Off Requests Without Stress

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A lot of stores find it necessary to create parameters to help manage day off requests. With Shift Agent,  you can feel free to allow day off requests to come in at any time. For example, you might have had a rule that employees must submit requests at least two weeks in advance.  It gives you the ability to […]

Manage Days Off

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Shift Agent is provides powerful Days Off management tools that empower you to control the flow of communication. View all requests in the Days Off Calendar by Pending, Report (history) and the Calendar List view.   You can also set limits for days of the week for the number of requests you can approve on […]

Days Off Limits

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Shift Agent allows you to create some boundaries for Day Off requests. Setting Limits for Days Off Soft Limits for Days Off™ helps build a culture of hospitality because you can provide the highest level of flexibility to your employees. Life is often unpredictable, and the need for exceptions is something the Shift Agent is designed to accommodate. […]

Request Response View (Days Off)

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The Days Off Response window is packed with useful information to help you make the right decision for each request. There are four important areas we will draw your attention to with regard to managing days off.  Your responses to requests are implemented throughout the scheduling system via Smart Scheduling. Overview of Features View Requests […]

Requesting Days Off

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Shift Agent provides a very eloquent way for you to request time off. (MGRS:  You can simply CREATE a day off on behalf of any employee by navigating to their profile and using the Days Off section.) Steps:   Click the Day Off button on your app. Select the type of request Fill in each of […]

Days Off per Employee

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The Days Off area on an employee profile gives you lots of important information. How many total requests they have given you and their status The number of full days they have requested The number of partial days they have requested Ability to see Pending, Approved, Disapproved, and Expired requests.  See all the requests in detail. […]

Cancel a Day Off

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As an employee, you can cancel a day off request, even if it has been approved.  You can effectively make yourself available again. Managers do not cancel days off requests for their employees, but they can remove them. First, check the status of the request.  If you decide that you no longer want the day off, […]

Status of Days Off

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On an employee profile, you can see the status of each Days Off request. The following are the various statuses that a Day Off request may have: Pending:  The request has been submitted, but a manager has not yet responded.  (the employee cannot assume the request has been granted or denied, and should be prepared […]

Extended Time Off (days off vs. inactive)

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When to use Days Off vs. Availability   Days Off is a function that is used primarily for time limited periods of time when the employee isn’t working. (vacation, out of town, emergency, family reunion, etc.) Availability settings also effect when a person is scheduled.  For example, you probably don’t want to make a habit […]

Remove Day Off Request

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In the event that a Day Off request is no longer needed by one of your employees, a MGR can remove the request.  (Employees have the option to cancel their request themselves if it is no longer needed.  Effectively, this allows them to make themselves available again.) Removing the request will cause Smart Scheduling to reconsider the […]

Days Off – Report View

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Shift Agent presents the Days Off report in a graphical way.  It allows you to see real time stats and answer all kinds of questions about the trends in requests. Explanation of the report: On a given day, there are a number of things that the report is relaying to you: The limit for the […]