Our Scheduling Philosophy

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Our Philosophy: We believe in building a culture of hospitality through better scheduling.  Your time is valuable, and we want to multiply your effectiveness by giving you the tools you need to schedule your store with excellence.  Shift Agent is designed to foster personal responsibility among your employees as we provide powerful flexibility. Main Website:  Shift Agent […]

Getting Started

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We have a set of resources here to assist you in getting your company setup on Shift Agent step-by-step.   Once you get through the initial setup, building schedules becomes straight-forward. Quick Thoughts: Two to six (2-6) hours of time may be needed, depending on the number of employees you are entering into the system. You can try to get this […]

Store Blueprint

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Design Your Store, then Make Schedules Shift Agent has a powerful set of tools that are based on the way you design your store’s operational blueprint.  You have the opportunity to make the app represent your store in a few key areas that will allow you (and those to whom you delegate) to be able to […]

Focus on People

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The great result of setting up your store blueprint is that each time you build the schedule, you have the margin for more focus on people. “Let’s not put these two people in the same area of the store today since their dating relationship took a turn for the worse.” Be a Hero Provide Flexibility […]

Create a Store Account

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To begin your free trial, you will first need to create an account with Shift Agent for your store.  The manager who creates the store will be considered an Administrator within the system, and should be someone who has authority in your store to make schedules. Welcome Screen: The first screen that you see will […]

The Sandbox – Demo Mode

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When you first signup for your store’s account in Shift Agent, you will find yourself in The Sandbox.  It’s a term we use to describe the training environment where you can play around with the features and take a tour of the app. Before you setup your store Before you actually setup your store and […]

Basic Store Information

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The Setup Wizard To begin the process of putting in the vast majority of the information you need, we are going to use the on-boarding wizard.  This occurs right after you empty the Sandbox, which clears out all of the demo data and makes a clean slate for you to begin entering your store information. […]

Add Employee Contact Info

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Next, you will enter in the basic contact information for each of your employees. Important: If you wish to WAIT until you have your system setup before employees begin signing in for the first time, you may wish to withhold the email address on this screen. Name and phone number input alone will not activate the employee, but it […]


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Next, you choose the setup of your store in terms of departments. Shift Agent uses the term “departments” to categorize your workforce into MAJOR categories.  If you only have one department, it is called “Uncategorized” by default.  Next, your positions will be created under departments. You cannot assign a person to a department directly.  You […]

Adding Positions (managing positions)

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“Positions” is the term that Shift Agent uses to describe different roles at your company.  Some places may use the term “Job Code” or some other term. Positions are added to employee profiles so that when you build the schedule, Shift Agent knows who can work the shift. Positions are the foundation of your store […]

Adding Employees to Position – Onboard Wizard

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Next, you will click on each position, and then select which employees (from the whole list) are able to work that position. Select the first position in the upper left corner, and then begin selecting employees by click on them one by one.  You will notice that a gray bar will appear on their employee […]

Entering Availability

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Each employee has availability settings for each day of the week.  This is their regular availability.  An availability set is comprised of the settings for all seven days of the week. To set the availability for an employee, you have a couple of options. Set the availability for the employee yourself. Have the employee fill […]

Employee Profile (settings)

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Employee Profiles are one of the most important components to Shift Agent.  This is a control center for helping each employee have the correct schedule. Understanding Employee Activation Tabs of the Employee Profile Dashboard – See their upcoming schedule and days off and other information Information – View and edit contact information Pay Rates – […]

Schedule a Day

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To schedule one day is essentially the process of adding shifts, assigning employees, and publishing the day.  Typical Method for Adding Shifts and Building the schedule: Put Shifts on the day:  Use the Draw Shifts feature, or use the Add Shifts feature. Fill each shift with the right employee:  Press Smart Scheduling button on the top […]

Employee Introduction

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Simple Introduction Shift Agent makes it easy for all employees to activate and to login for the first time. We take the hassle out of you having to explain everything to your team.  After they walk through the basics, they are immediately brought to the homepage on a mobile device or on a computer.  On […]

Scheduling Rhythm

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You can create a rhythm that serves to help you get the most out of Shift Agent.  Remember, the two primary goals of Shift Agent are to help you run efficient operations and to demonstrate care for your team through great scheduling. The main activity is of course building the schedule for the week.  And […]